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Zach Nealy

My name is Zachariah Nealy. As of May 2012, I have been attending Jow Ga Kung Fu for 9 years. I started at the will of my Father but I stayed of my own accord. I found a passion of my life, a great way to stay in shape and, most importantly, a family I could turn to when times got tough. I specialize in more unusual weapon forms such as double golden melon hammers and golden hoe and am partial to lion dancing but I enjoy most of all studying qigong concepts as they relate to Chinese history and martial arts development. My favorite form is broadsword form. My favorite form is Plum Flower Double Broadsword. My main goal in Jow Ga is to become the best teacher I can be and merely to keep my art alive. I am currently an M1 at Eastern Virginia Medical School where I train to be a doctor. I am heavily interested in sciences, research and modern technology advances as well as the arts extending from classical Western Opera and A capella to more modern examples such as bboy and disc jockeying. I have a wide variety of other interests and try to be around as much as I can at the school; however, medical school seems to restrict that. Whenever I am, I am always available with an open ear and am willing to help in whatever way I can.

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