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Kung fu is a Chinese martial art that embodies self defense and fighting philosophies.  Jump start your health today!  


Tai Chi enables students to cultivate “Chi”, the intrinsic energy of life force of the body.


The Children’s Kung Fu  Program consists of students from ages 6 to 16.  


San Shou Kick Boxing

Demonstration Team

Private Lessons

If you are serious about learning an authentic and traditional martial art or want to sharpen your self-defense, there’s nowhere else in Virginia that can offer you the combination of expert instruction and talented training partners that you will find at Jow Ga Kung Fu.  Whether you’re looking to become a world champion or just looking to lose a few pounds, you’ll quickly see how beneficial Jow Ga can be for everything ranging from sport fighting to physical fitness to self-defense. You’re not just getting a phenomenal workout--you’re also learning one of the most famous styles of kung fu practiced around the world!  Jow Ga Kung Fu system precisely incorporates elements from 3 Kung Fu systems (Hung Ga, Choy Ga, Bak Siu Lum), creating just the right combination of fluidity, speed, and devastating stopping power.

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