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Children's Program

Jow Ga Kung Fu offers a caring, safe, and well structured environment where children can learn the art of Kung Fu. Special emphasis is placed on building strong moral character by developing concentration, confidence, and discipline. Children also learn cooperation and respect by working together. The important skills can help children perform well in school and in general feel positive and well adjusted. Selected students gain valuable leadership skills by being class assistants. Children receive individual attention with consideration for their needs and abilities with all classes taught by only the most senior instructors.


The Children’s Program consists of students from ages 6 to 16. There are two levels of children’s classes, beginner and intermediate. Usually after a year or two, beginner students will move to the intermediate class providing that their knowledge and understanding of core techniques and concepts are satisfactory. Advanced students train with the intermediate class and/or receive supplemental training after class.

Jow Ga Kung Fu participates in numerous demonstrations and tournaments in where children have the opportunity to display and apply some of the skills they have learned. Students are also given opportunity to participate in Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing, and other activities.

In studying Jow Ga Kung Fu, students in the children class will learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, self-control, and of course self-defense. They will also develop an increase in strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Jow Ga Kung Fu training is not only physical but mental as well. Children are asked questions on concept and techniques and, thus, are made to think and given the chance to interact with the instructors. The children are taught to think before they act and to know the consequences of their actions. They are also taught other ways of critical thinking.

Children are required to bring in their school report cards and progress reports. Students are encouraged to do well in school. Jow Ga Kung Fu offers after-hours tutoring programs on various subjects to help students to improve in their schoolwork. Jow Ga students that are adults or upper level classmen volunteer their time to provide the tutoring.

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