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We perform traditional lion dance and dragon dance at any occasion! Lion and dragon dances are great for weddings, parties, and restaurants!  

Lion Dance

The lion, considered the king of beasts, symbolizes power and good fortune. The lion is therefore considered a sacred animal that possesses special protective powers to drive away evil. The addition of drums and other percussion equipment also helps to drive away the evil spirits. For these reasons, martial artists perform the Lion Dance with a lion head to replicate the essence and spirit of the lion and percussion instruments to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the recipient of the Lion Dance.

Dragon Dance

The origins of the Dragon Dance dates back to the Han Dynasty as an integral part of the Chinese farming culture. The Dragon was believed to be a deity that controlled the rain. It would go into the sky at the start of Spring, more specifically the solar vernal equinox, to start the rain. Then, it would descend deep into the sea at the start of Winter (autumn equinox) when rain was superfluous.

Over thousands of years since the inception of Dragon Dances, new Dragon Legends have developed and enhanced the symbolic meaning of the Dragon Dance to more than just rain for prosperous crops. It now includes financial and reproductive prosperity, good fortune, racial harmony, and protection from evil elements. To receive a blessing from a Dragon is to ensure a protected and prosperous year.

Chinese New Year

During the Chinese New Year Celebrations will exchange the phrase “Gung Hay Fat Choy.”; It has a similar meaning to the western phrase, “Happy New Year.” “Gung Hay Fat Choy” is the common saying during this time of year and translates into “wishing you be prosperous”. Each New Year brings revived vitality and new luck to the home or business. Many businesses will also request for Lion Dancing performances. The lion is one of the prime symbols of Chinese New Year and it symbolizes power and drives off evil spirits to bring new luck and prosperity into the establishments.

During the Lunar New Year, Jow Ga Kung Fu performs traditional Lion and Dragon dancing demonstrations in establishments including restaurants and grocery stores in surrounding localities. In traditional beliefs, these dances ward off the evil spirits and bring new fortune everywhere the lion and dragon travels. To request a lion or dragon dancing demonstration for your establishment or for a special event please use the following form.

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