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Jow Ga Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art.  Do not miss this opportunity to learn practical self-defense from world champion instructors and Hoy K. Lee., a world-renowned grandmaster with over 45 years of teaching experience.  Jow Ga Kung Fu classes embody structured curriculums that encourage physical fitness and character development.  Great for men, women and children of various ages, Jow Ga Kung Fu brings forth limitless opportunities to engage in traditional hand forms, exotic animal techniques, extensive weaponry, fighting sets, sparring, and cultural activities (ie. traditional Chinese dragon and lion dances and musical instruments).  With over 500 different technique and form sequences, Jow Ga Kung Fu is perfect for new or experienced practitioners seeking a complete and dynamic martial arts experience.  Our training philosophy tailors personal growth through group and individualized instruction.  Students will have access to multiple Jow Ga Kung Fu locations throughout the Hampton Roads area.

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