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Will Bailey

Being with Grandmaster Hoy Lee since early 2014, Will has dedicated his life to kung fu. After holding rankings in other martial art disciplines (most notably BJJ, Aikido and Muay Thai) he had finally found a perfect home in the Jow Ga system. Shortly after joining, Will quickly enrolled his son and daughter to the school seeing the values of the school aligned with his own.
At first his main goal was primarily focused on fighting skills and sparring. After discovering the specialized training that was offered that you could only obtain from a Traditional Kung Fu school, he became fully immersed in all 3 disciplines of the school; Combat, Forms and Lion/ Dragon dance.
Focus and drive to prosper in Kung Fu has awarded Will with many trophies, certificates and medals on an international level. He has also had the honor to write magazine articles and have interviews with some notable martial artists through Kung Fu Magazine as well as performing on Chinese television with the team that went to China in 2018. Will has also set up the distance learning program from conception to final deployment. It has been an integral component in student retention during difficult times keeping students connected to the school from anywhere in the world. 
Will, blends modern training styles with old world shaolin skill building to provide students an overall balanced experience, by driving the efficiency and power of the Jow Ga system as center focus. While maintaining Master Lee's direction and fundamentals, Will hopes to someday have his own school under Sifu's guidance. 
Articles and interviews:
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