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Mark Tyler

"Joining Jow Ga kung fu is probably one of the best life choices I've ever made" says Mark.  Combining strength, coordination, and flexibility, Jow Ga kung fu puts emphasis on both internal and external styles; combining both mind and body into one powerful martial art style.

"I also love the cultural aspect of Jow Ga."  Jow Ga not only teaches traditional martial arts, but also introduces students to Lion and Dragon dancing.  "Its really fun to get out and perform for the community.  People really get into it and its a good time for everyone involved."

Always fascinated with the study of martial arts, Mark studied Karate as a child, Tae Kwon Do as a teenager, then joined Jow Ga in 2009.  Hard work and dedication awarded him victories in many regional, national, and international tournaments. Mark went off to win the ICMAC National Champion title in 2010, then again in 2012.  Mark also competed in the World Wushu Championship tournament in Hong Kong where he received gold medals in both weapons and open hand forms.

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