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Edward O. Senu-Oke, MD

Dr. Edward Senu-Oke has been part of the Jow Family of Kung Fu since 2002.  He has had a varied educational background that has brought to this organization a sensibility of professional athletic training, an integration of modern scientific principles with old world physical development, and classic fight philosophy.  Trained in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, Dr. Senu-Oke also brings to this organization his vas medical knowledge to accent his Jow Ga Kung Fu instruction. 

Dr. Senu-Oke’s Jow Ga Kung Fu instruction emphasizes combat aspects of training.  With particular consideration on body mechanics, technique execution, and fight psychology, Dr. Senu-Oke instructs students on how to carry out techniques in an efficient and effective manner with low personal physical risk.  His instruction in body mechanics and technique execution delves into principles of physics, human anatomy, and animal physiology.  Being a student of the writings of Masters Miyamoto Musashi and Sun Tzu, Dr. Senu-Oke’s discussion on fight psychology as it relates to combat intent, combatant strength, and encounter control revolves around simple principles that can be applied to encounters in the Ring or any other aspect of life.

Dr. Senu-Oke understands that there is an inseverable relationship between mind, body, and spirit.  As Kung Fu is an expression of mental and physical discipline in ones way of life, Dr. Senu-Oke enhances students’ physical fitness through study and application of nutritional and physiologic science to deepen their understanding of health and wellness.  This of course carries lasting and life changing ramifications in all aspects of the dedicated student’s life.

Believing that education is the most important gateway to understanding one’s self and his environment, Dr. Senu-Oke encourages his students to double their educational efforts outside of the Kung Fu classroom as well.  He encourage the study of mathematics, physics, philosophy, linguistics, human anatomy, biology, chemistry, etc. as they enhance one’s personal efforts outside of Kung fu as well as enhance there understanding of the very cerebral concepts being taught at Jow Ga Kung Fu. 

Dr. Senu-Oke has over 25 years of martial arts and fitness education and enjoys imparting his knowledge to the interested students of Jow Ga Kung Fu.  Having had an extensive amount of one on one and group fitness training experience, Dr. Senu-Oke is very comfortable with executing Jow Ga Kung Fu curriculum.   He has become recognized by his peers and international organizations such as the World Organization of Wushu and Kung Fu Masters for his achievements in and contributions to Kung Fu. 

Though education in Kung Fu is of prime importance to Dr. Senu-Oke, he does more than just live in the world of combat theory and sports science.  Dr. Senu-Oke is an accomplished duelist, garnering National and International titles.  Therefore, his discussion and instruction on sports science and combat theory carries the weight of real world experience.  Dr. Senu-Oke has been and continues to be an asset to the Jow Ga Kung Fu Organization and is a pleasure to have as part of our team of dedicated instructors.


Integrative Holistic Medicine
American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
Board Certified to December 31, 2016

Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine
Board Certified to December 31, 2021

Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), ACGME Accredited
Norfolk, Virginia
Internal Medicine Residency Program completed 2005
July 2002 – June 2005

Wright State University School of Medicine
Fairborn, Ohio
Medical Degree Program completed 2002
July 1998 – June 2002

University of West Alabama (UWA)
Livingston, Alabama
Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry
August 1995 – June 1998

Just for Fun

Dr. Senu-Oke enjoys traveling, sightseeing, and learning customs and traditions of other cultures.
He is fond of poetry and quote collection.
He also enjoys running.

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