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Crystal Weiroch

Crystal Weiroch began her martial arts training at the age of 13. Knowing nothing more than that she wanted to take martial arts and guided by a friend of her father, Ms. Weiroch signed up with Jow Ga Kung Fu. She states that her goals were to learn self-defense, gain confidence, and become fit as she was a “chunky” teenager.


Ms. Weiroch fondly looks back to her early days of training at the school and describes the many late Teusdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays that she spent perfecting her craft. She says that you only get better if you practice and she practiced many hours after class. When asked why she continues to come back to Jow Ga Kung Fu, Ms. Weiroch says, “When I stop training I miss kung fu, but even more I find that I miss my kung fu family… These people began as my classmate, then became my good friends, and now have become my family.”


As an instructor, Ms. Weiroch is found to be a very capable leader. She is a self-described “forms specialist.” Her ability to execute techniques with precision has resulted in her learning a number of high level, intricate forms such as Double Dagger, Flying Fork, and a 

number of partner forms. Ms. Weiroch says, "Kung fu has taught me to how to make my body a weapon. I know that I can handle myself [in an altercation] with simplistic efficiency.” Ms. Weiroch also notes, “My ability to break down techniques in a way that people understand is what characterizes my instruction.” She excels in one on one and small group techniques. She is also accomplished in traditional Chinese Drum.

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