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Bryant Roque

Bryant Roque began his study of kung fu in 2001 (where he met his wife) while studying in Puerto Rico.  For several years he studied Fa Men Chuan in Puerto Rico intensely, obtaining a second degree black belt and spending a couple of years teaching this style on the island.  When he moved to Virginia Beach for work in 2005 he visited the Jow Ga School within days of his arrival and what he saw got him excited to be a “full time student” again.  He signed up under Master Lee as soon as he returned from the academy in early May of 2005.  His principal interests were animal styles and weapons and Jow Ga did not disappoint.  He considers himself fortunate to have learned from senior instructors such as Tom Luong, Tammy Lee, Samson Lee, Mark Elefane, Gerry Tala and Paul Ring as well as Master Lee.

He learned the five basic forms (sei ping kuen, siu fok fu, daan tau gwun, fu mei daan do and moi fa cheurn) in that first year and has found success competing in Washington D.C. area kung fu tournaments such as Wong and Five Tigers.  He has always loved teaching and gives his assistant instructor duties a large part of his time and effort.

Bryant believes that the most important thing in kung fu is to take every class with an open and focused mind.  If you come from another style it is particularly important that you temporarily discard the old for the new as you master Jow Ga basics.  Once you have a solid foundation in basics you can begin to properly apply your knowledge to widely variable situations such as unusual angles or improvised weapons.

He has a double major in biology and chemistry and has completed all coursework for a master’s degree in marine science.  He began his professional career in a major pharmaceutical laboratory and has worked as a scientist for the Department of Homeland Security since 2005.  His other interests include motorcycling, firearms, martial arts in general, Washington Redskins football, snorkeling/SCUBA, keeping an eye out for zombies and getting his daughter started in Jow Ga.

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